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Artist: gin (ginshari)

Artist, illustrator. Formerly tagged as gin.

Japanese name: ぎん (Gin)
Name for NSFW works: 石鎚 かがみ (Ishizuchi Kagami)
The other names: ぎん子, ぎん粉 (Ginko), 石鎚 ぎん子 (Ishizuchi Ginko), 山本 ぎん子 (Yamamoto Ginko), 辛口 ぎん子 (Karakuchi Ginko) or いちご牛乳 (Ichigo Gyuunyuu)
Circle & site name: ぎんしゃり。 (Ginshari.)
Old site name: ぎんいろ くらこっと (Gin'iro Cracotte)

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