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original drawn by saitou shunsuke
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    I don't know what's going on, or how it all started, but god damn it I know how it's going to end!

    (Picks up a sword and jumps in to the fray!)


    Wow. The artist perfectly capured the speed of the... golem's(?) attack and the chaos it brought. I can picture the three PCs (two with the sword and the lightning guy) getting the sudden zap-behind-the-head warning fractions of a second before the fist plunged through the wall. Everyone but them had no freakin clue what was coming.

    Dr Fine Rolo

    School in Japan is pretty dangerous.


    Electric boy there doesn't seem too worried about catching his classmates in the crossfire.


    Doesn't he realize golems are immune to SR: Yes spells? I mean, I suppose he could be using a supernatural ability, but it doesn't look like he's getting much milage out of it.


    man I miss high school


    Also, I predict a wipe. That party doesn't seem to have a healer.


    On few occasions has the epic tag been so well deserved. Kick that golem...robot...thing's ass!


    i love how that little girl is just watching the golem so calm xD


    "okay class, the lesson on how to defeat a giant golem begins now, follow me!"


    There's also a guy that seems to be taking a nap.


    The best part of this picture is that the male swordwielder looks like the stereotypical fat otaku.


    The fat guy is what makes this epic.


    SpecterVonBaren said:
    This would make an AWESOME anime.

    this would make an awesome manga, but only if it was colored and drawn out like this


    Go,Go, Power Rangers!


    The teacher is the best.




    garyseven said:
    man I miss high school



    You see, this is the problem with the Japanese education system:

    They let education "be a right, not a privlidge," or some hippy noise, so they all think they can interrupt class whenever they want, bringing their silly little katanas or mutant powres or runaway golems or mecha to school. Just busting out fights and knocking down walls whenever. No respect for the elderly! All a teacher can do is carry around an even bigger sword and hope to cow a few of them into submission.

    Oh, and don't even get me started on Shinigami or kids in control of their own mecha battalians or, worst of all, uknowing goddesses that wreck their own series by looping the same thing over eight times in a row.

    It's just disgusting.


    On an unrelated note, I like the girl with the pigtails going "OOOOH! SHINY!"

    But I think the Main Character here would be the guy with glasses in the bottom left who's going to protect the girl on the far bottom left (let's assume she's a childhood friend character) by unleashing his hidden superpowers at the last moment.

    Maybe pigtails girl is also a witch with a Ruri Hoshino-like deadpan outlook that can help, alongside the crazy teacher, electro boy and girl samurai iincho.


    the sequel to assassination classroom >B|