Tezuka Osamu (born 3 November 1928 – 9 February 1989) is a legendary artist and mangaka. Also known as the God of Manga ("Manga No Kami-Sama") and the Godfather of Anime.

Creator of Tetsuwan Atom, Magma Taishi, Jungle Taitei, Pluto, Metropolis, Black Jack, Don Dracula, Buddha, Adolf, Hi no Tori, Ribbon no Kishi, Dororo and many many other classic manga, all considered part of his Star System.

Tezuka Osamu is by far the most prolific manga creator in the entire medium, having created about 700 different titles of original works. He has brought many conventions that have laid the foundations for many genres from shonen to seinen.

He graduated as a medical doctor, but never worked as such to focus in his mangaka work.

This tag is for the work done by Osamu, for posts that feature Osamu (and his self-insert), uses Tezuka Osamu (character) instead.

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