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I was looking at post #260496 and it had 'undressing' as a tag when obviously Naga and Lina were in the act of getting dressed. It's morning and they're obviously late b/c Lina's got the stereotypical toast in her mouth a la Miyuki-chan in Wonderland. However, when you look at the wiki for 'undressing' it says "When someone is in the middle of taking off (or putting on) their clothes."

Could someone please explain this to me??? Undressing does NOT include the act of putting on your clothes. Or at least where I come from it doesn't -__^ Also, there's a 'dressing' tag with 214 pictures attached to it. Anyway, Albert or somebody, could one of you guys clarify this?


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I believe the rationale was that for most pictures, it is difficult to tell which direction the action is going. For your image there is context, but for many it's just a girl standing there half clothed, holding something she's either just taken off or is about to put on.

Because of the ambiguity it was decided to use undressing for both cases. I believe another situation that fell in this whole directionality business was sunrise vs sunset, though I see that right now the former has a handful of posts, at the time it was decided to just tag everything as sunset, since it was hard to tell which direction the sun was going.

In all honesty I didn't even know we were using dressing at all.

Another, less well motivated rationale behind this sort of temporal direction bashing is that sunrise/sunset look about the same, as do dressing/undressing usually. Therefore someone searching for one would probably be interested in the other. By combining the tags, you get more results without a more complicated query.

[Edit] forum #7135 is the place this was previously discussed