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I figured this might need some kind of discussion. Started with a comment on post #345145.

NeonZ on post #345145 said:
This specific Archerko design, a white haired girl with red eyes and a single long braid, is not a genderswap, she's an older Illya from the Fate/Stay Night doujin Sword Dancer, so, add the tag illyasviel_von_einzbern to this one and similar images and remove the genderswap tag

This seems to have resulted in another user then proceeding to switch pretty much all the Archerko tags with Illyasviel von Einzbern + adult tags, since nearly all the Archerko images fit NeonZ's description. I undid that user's changes, but perhaps some clarification and discussion is needed for the Archerko tag and wiki?

Updated by Ephyon

Yeah, the name is the pseudo-official nickname for Himura Kiseki's original character in the Sword Dancers F/SN doujin series. She's never actually named that in the doujins themselves (She's just called "Archer" the only time she's actually addressed by name) but the author acknowledges that as her name. Although it’s never explicitly stated, it’s constantly being made blatantly clear that, yes, she’s supposed to be an older Ilya in the same way Emiya Archer is Shirou.

While popular, none of this is official at all, though I remember someone telling me that Ilya in the official (though non-canonical) Prism Illya manga does make a reference to Archerko (Anyone can confirm it?).