[bulk] turnstile -> fare_gate

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that wiki could easily be edited for turnstile though



Also called a fare gate or baffle gate, these are types of gates that allow one person through at a time to enforce one-way traffic of people. Some gates require paid access in order to pass through.

especially since not all of these gates require a fare.

As Gollgagh points out, not all turnstiles are associated with fare collection. e.g. access control

Another possibility is to consider if we care about visually separating the rotating bar type, compared to the retracting panel or flap type -- traditionally, a "turnstile" involved rotating metal bar barricade, until usage expanded to cover the newer types.

maybe implicate fare_gate -> turnstile if we define "turnstile" loosely (not just rotating metal bars)

Existing posts on danbooru seem to be almost entirely the electronic retracting/flap type for trains/subways, though. So the main argument to not alias/implicate is we should be cautious just in case the other type of usage does crop up in the future.


That is a pretty good point. I'm deleting the alias and manually retagging the existing turnstile posts to match the rest since they're the same type of gate anyway. We can reserve that tag for the rotating bar type in the event it ever becomes necessary.

As for the matter of paid/unpaid access, I'm not sure whether that is worth splitting hairs over, or whether it's even possible to visually determine whether a gate is used for fare collection as opposed to crowd control in general. If someone can come up with a tag for non-rotating types of gate that doesn't connote fare collection, that might be better than fare_gate.