Hair hold and grabbing another's hair utility aliases

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BUR #8243 has been rejected.

create alias hair_hold -> holding_hair
create alias hair_grab_(own) -> holding_hair
create alias hair_grab_(another's) -> grabbing_another's_hair

forum #183441 forum #198663.
Utility alias for consistency with *_grab tags and aliases.

These tags have been discussed quite a few times, for good reason. The instinctive way to tag them hair pull and hair grab are really ambiguous and shouldn't be used, and while holding hair and grabbing another's hair are good replacements, they lack the discoverability of the simpler tags.

I hope these aliases can address that problem.
I also thought about changing holding hair to holding own hair but NNT mentioned that it can be used for holding detached hair forum #162536, and if that's true it wouldn't work. Though the wiki mentions nothing about this.