Yugioh 5Ds dub name aliases

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Admiral_Pectoral said:

Why do you disagree about those renames?

"rename luna_(yu-gi-oh!) -> luna_(zexal)" The correct qualifier would be "(yu-gi-oh!_zexal)". I understand the need for the Zexal qualifier to avoid confusion beteween the 5D's and the Zexal characters.
"rename kiryuu_kyousuke -> kyosuke_kiryu", kiryuu_kyousuke should be maintaned, his name reads as 鬼柳京介 (Kiryū Kyōsuke). Therefore kalin_kessler should alias to kiryuu_kyousuke.

I'm also unsure if its possible to rename luna_(yu-gi-oh!) to luna_(yu-gi-oh!_zexal) and alias the same luna_(yu-gi-oh!) tag to luca_(yu-gi-oh!) in the same BUR.

I switched it to a "(yu-gi-oh!_zexal)" qualifier. I just followed what the wiki used.

As for Kalin, I already linked one of these but might as well.

Nobody calls him kiryuu kyousuke. We're using a very outdated romanization that no one else uses, and in the opposite order.
I spent a good 10 mins trying to find the tag by using the names provided in the wikis.

From howto:wiki's character wiki guidelines:

  • Use correct naming conventions. Characters are tagged in the way they are written in their native languages, thus Kinomoto Sakura, not Sakura Kinomoto. This "original order" policy carries over from tagging into wiki writing as well as translation notes.

Kiryuu Kyousuke's name reads as 鬼柳京介 (Kiryū Kyōsuke), so it is correct by danbooru guidelines. The Yugipedia link also confirms it, Kyosuke Kiryu is the japanese name but translated, while Kiryuu Kyousuke is how the name is written in japanese. Still I think it is okay to rename to Kiryu Kyosuke (similarly to how we did with characters like Kujo Jotaro and Higashikata Josuke)