Nuke thief

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nonamethanks said:

There's a few posts like post #4061062 and post #4331431 that I'm not sure how we would find otherwise without this tag, though the tag itself is useless right now due to all the random posts in it.

Most class/profession tags are like this. The second image there is also tagged assassin, which is just as junky a tag.

Certainly, someone looking for rogueish character images for their D&D character or something would have a hard time, but just plugging in rogue would net you a handful of useless results. But the idea of a "stealthy-looking leather-clad knife-wielding possibly smary and/or grungy person" is kinda hard to make a singular tag for, especially with constant canon tagging.

Much like Witch and Maid, class/profession tags, when they're not canon, are really just costume tags. And some of them either have a specific costume that is taggable or has too many disparate meanings and/or a fuckton of synonyms that they end up useless no matter how much we police them. I think this one and the synonyms mentioned fall into the latter.