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Right now (afaict), the only tag we have for triangular eyewear is kamina shades, whose wiki describes them as "The distinctive sunglasses that Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann wears." All well and good, but this tag gets used for a lot of pictures with sunglasses that, apart from being triangular, really aren't those distinctive sunglasses; many aren't orange like Kamina's, use a different triangular design, or just don't seem to reference him at all. (Examples from the most recent few pages: post #5041389, post #4354314, post #3700719, post #3559212.)

I think we should either:
1. Rename kamina shades to triangle shades (or triangle sunglasses or whatever) and use this as a catchall tag
2. Keep kamina shades as a tag that implies triangle shades, but is used only for posts where the sunglasses actually resemble Kamina's in both color and shape
3. Keep kamina shades with no change, except to redefine the wiki to make clear it's a catchall tag



Username_Hidden said:

I feel like an implication would be better. I think kamina shades are famous enough to deserve a tag of their own.

+1 except I don't even think we should have an implication. Kamina shades are very famous and widely recognized, I don't think it makes sense to get rid of the tag just because there's a danger random triangular glasses might be mistagged. The vast majority of kamina_shades are clearly referencing Kamina's glasses, with few exceptions, even if the shape and colour are sometimes different. Even The Bob's examples #2 and 3 I think are clearly kamina shades.

An implication would be problematic because sometimes Kamina shades are drawn as not particularly triangular: post #5002394 or post #4367812