Nuke gradient eyes

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It doesn't have to be only two colors.
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NWF_Renim said:

Partial Heterochromia should require that there are at least two distinct eye colors in the iris, but gradient eyes doesn't necessarily mean that the iris is two colors.. it could mean that the eye color is in a gradient which could be more due to lighting or a representation of the condition the character is in (depressed, moody, etc).

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I would consider this change 10 years later. Did we get an exact subset of images of the same type, or did we get a mixed use of similar tags.
I mean that there is an understanding of users in the use of tags and they are looking at the presence of a gradient.
Example, char shenhe (genshin impact), post #5034108; or another char in post #5046246. It is difficult to find a smooth transition of colors here, especially for monochrome images.

I personally never searched for, nor used this tag for the reasons above.
I don't see it as significant to describe an image because character eyes are usually detailed with the upper part having a darker tone, so you have a gradient due to art style, lighting or facial expression. I feel like partial heterochromia would eventually be used for the same though.