Japanese tags

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Zekel said:

Is there a way to turn tags back into Japanese? I noticed that at some point Pokemon characters' names (and maybe others) got aliased to the English localizations. How to reverse this?

You can still search the Japanese names and they'll show up, they've been changed to the English names because this a primarily English-language site and it was pretty odd that we were the only site insisting on using JP names for franchises like Pokemon and Ace Attorney until recently

All users see the same tags. This isn't something you can simply change in your user settings; I don't believe that being able to toggle between different sets of tags on a per-user basis would even be technically feasible.

Everyone with a Danbooru account had an opportunity to weigh in when this changeover took place a year ago in topic #17160. We aren't going to roll everything back to how it was just because one person belatedly announced that they liked the old aliases better.