Ship's Wheel implies Steering Wheel?

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The bulk update request #8787 has been rejected.

create implication ship's_wheel -> steering_wheel

Ship's Wheel wiki:
A steering wheel that is used exclusively for ships.

Helm wiki:
For depictions of the steering wheel of a ship, use the ship's_wheel tag.

Steering Wheel wiki:
A type of steering control in vehicles and vessels. In the case of vessels, the steering wheel is called a ship's wheel.

These wikis seem to say that a ship's wheel is a type of steering wheel, but the majority of posts tagged ship's wheel aren't tagged steering wheel which seems to mainly be used for car style steering wheels.

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  • The lack of overlap between these posts (only ~30 posts with both tags) seems to suggest that few taggers regard a ship's_wheel as a type of steering_wheel despite their similar function. It would appear that most of us use the term "steering wheel" in the same way Wikipedia does, as a term specifically for land vehicles. This is one case where it appears that our wikis weren't written in a way reflective of how the tags actually get used, so I wouldn't take them as the last word on the subject.

    All that said, I'm kind of meh on this implication because steering wheels are rarely a noteworthy part of an image anyway, and I don't think the addition of another ~200 posts to steering_wheel would add much clutter that couldn't be resolved by appending -boat -ship to the search terms.

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  • The consensus seems pretty clear for this BUR (and I can't say I disagree), so I'm probably going to leave it up for a few more days to see if anyone else has feedback, then reject it and update the quoted wikis.

    That being said, how do we want to tag posts like post #4278966, post #4549196, and post #4952104 which feature steering mechanisms on boats that more closely resemble those of cars than they do ship's wheels?
    Also, there could be a post that features a more modern ship's wheel (like this image from the wikipedia article for ship's wheel) that doesn't really look like a steering wheel or a traditional ship's wheel. If that comes up, should it get its own tag or be lumped in with steering wheel or ships's wheel?


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