Ousama ranking/Ranking of Kings character aliases/renames

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BUR #8859 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

rename shadow_(ousama_ranking) -> kage_(ousama_ranking)

I have no idea why we have his name translated, but that's the easiest one to fix.

There are some other character names that I'd like to make aliases for too, but they have so many different spellings between the wiki, the official translations of the anime and our own spelling.

The two names I'm talking about are:

1) Called Desha on the official subs


2) Called Despa on the official subs and now desupaa on Danbooru (I'd like to hear your thoughts about this @MrSusher)

Which spelling should we settle on? And should we make aliases for the other spellings?

Being "official" means absolutely nothing. I trust what localizers come up with as far as I could throw them. Even a romaji spelling from the artist himself I would take with a grain of salt since Japan has even less of its shit together when it comes to romanizations than westerners. The best solution in my mind is to go with a simple plaintext Hepburn romanization based on the actual names, since that leaves no room for interpretation. So Desuhaa and Desupaa respectively, with aliases to funnel everything else into those.
And while we're at it, why is queen_hilling tagged with the "queen" bit instead of just her name, especially when the character herself isn't even a queen for the entire story?

BUR #8865 has been rejected.

create alias despa_(ousama_ranking) -> desupaa
create alias desper_(ousama_ranking) -> desupaa
create alias death-par_(ousama_ranking) -> desupaa
create alias desha_(ousama_ranking) -> desuhaa
create alias desher_(ousama_ranking) -> desuhaa
create alias death-har_(ousama_ranking) -> desuhaa
create alias queen_hilling -> hilling

If I find more character tags to fix I'll ask for them in this thread later.

Lobuttomize said:

Ousama Ranking is Japan's The Boss Baby

Youjo Shachou.

Admiral_Pectoral said:

If I find more character tags to fix I'll ask for them in this thread later.

Is there a reason to append the title to Hilling's tag? There is no other character with that name for there to be any confusion.

To be honest, I prefer the character tags of that copyright to have a qualifiers for consistency's sake (especially with most if not all of the characters only have a single name).
For one example, "hilling" by itself is ambiguous. There is a character from Gundam 00 with that name.

BUR #9116 has been approved by @evazion.

rename desupaa -> despa_(ousama_ranking)

I'll do this for the time being. Given that there's no clear consensus on the character's name, I don't know what else to do with it.

For names written in katakana, we usually try to go with whatever it's "supposed" to be, rather than a literal Hepburn romanization. So for example, for アルトリア・ペンドラゴン we have Artoria Pendragon rather than Arutoria Pendoragon. In case of disagreement over what it's "supposed" to be, for example Artoria versus Altria, I guess we go for a combination of most official and least stupid.