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Leg grab vs thigh grab

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NWF_Renim said:

It's probably trying to say that if a character is grabbing around the knees, where there might just be a little bit of the hand on the thigh it's really more fitting to tag it leg grab (there is a knee grab tag too though). A examples are probably post #4079451 and post #3708325 (note: explicit image).

Okay, but personally I'd tag those knee grab, if that's what the majority of the hand is on, just seems like a too fine line otherwise.

90sAnimeFan said:

Also, since thighs are part of legs, perhaps thigh grab should then implicate leg grab? Just a couple of ideas.

That's probably fine. Doing a random look at 100 posts under leg grab, I found: 49 thigh grab posts (upper, middle, and lower thigh); 25 knee grab posts (knee and behind the knee); 15 lower leg grab posts; 5 grabbed in multiple spots; 3 incorrectly tagged posts; 2 where it wasn't easy to tell (part of the view obstructed or drawing wasn't clear); and 1 post of tentacles grabbing the leg.

I honestly don't understand the thigh grab wiki. I can sort of get the clarification on ass grab, but who's mistagging post #5120312 as thigh grab? The leg grab bit also feels rather presumptuous, as leg grab didn't get its wiki until after thigh grab did, and there's no forum evidence to suggest that leg grab was intended to be mutually exclusive with individual leg sections.

Leg grab should be used for exactly what its name suggests, and thigh grab should imply it, as well as extending down to above the knee because really who actually cares about that level granularity. Nothing I could find treats the lower thigh as separate from the upper thigh, either, it's all just thigh.

nonamethanks said:

These tags should be called holding own leg/holding another's leg (the latter one already exists). "bodypart_verb" tags should be considered deprecated, because they are very confusing and nobody can get them right without checking the wiki, and usually they mix two completely different concepts for no reason.

Yeah, you have a point. I also noticed there's another tag, hand on another's thigh, that probably should be aliased as well.