Mark of the Wolves -> Fatal Fury Implication Request

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nonamethanks said:

Ok, but that's not what I'm asking. Wikipedia uses the name "Garou: Mark of the Wolves", not "Mark of the Wolves", so I'm wondering whether we should rename our tag to the full name.

Personally, I'd rather the tag remain the way it is. It lists what the name is in the wiki of this site anyway.

mongirlfan said:

A number of wikis refer to this game as garou: mark of the wolves. An important question we should ask is: How people usually refer to this game?

I know a lot of people abbreviate it to just Garou, since it also released in with that name (even though it's just a Fatal Fury title). Mark of the Wolves would be the title if it wasn't for that "Garou" appearing before it, which is why I think it was tagged that way in the first place, as you know, fatal fury has the alias "garou" already.