Separating External Air Conditioner

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right now, air conditioner includes both the internal side (post #4397367), and the external side (post #5015375). in the part of where i live, 95% of the time, if someone mentions AC, it always refer to the one inside. There's condenser_unit tag with only one post. the wiki of air conditioner also says that it is something that is in the building. then again, if we search for "External Air Conditioner" gives a lot of result too. we also can search it with air_conditioner -indoors. so should we separate them?

It'd probably make the most sense to have a tag for the condenser that implicates the air conditioner tag. They're part of the same whole, but they do offer different visuals from the internal portion. Also not everything depicted outdoors will be the condenser (post #63004).

Mexiguy said:

For what purpose

Because they have different visual? And personally, i got confused at first about the box thing being called that, because i almost never heard of the thing being called air conditioner (or maybe I'm the only one, I didn't live in english speaking country)