Onmyoji name changes

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BUR #9126 has been rejected.

rename prajna_(onmyoji) -> hannya_(onmyoji)
rename daitengu_(onmyoji) -> ootengu_(onmyoji)
rename tiaotiaomeimei -> kyonshii_imouto
rename ying_grass -> hotarugusa_(onmyoji)
rename umibozu_(onmyoji) -> umibouzu_(onmyoji)
rename aragawa_no_aruji -> arakawa_no_aruji
rename bai_lang -> hakurou_(onmyoji)
rename youtouhime -> youtou_hime
rename kidomaru_(onmyoji) -> kidoumaru_(onmyoji)
rename houkigami_(onmyoji) -> hahakigami_(onmyoji)
rename ryoumen_(onmyoji) -> ryoumenbotoke

These are the names these characters are most-known by. As of now, the names tagged are all a huge mixture between all servers of the game; these names are all from the same version that is most recognized.


m4rs said:

All of the character names should probably changed to something uniform since we have a mish-mash of the Japanese/Chinese/Global names and it can be confusing for tagging.

That's fair actually, let me look more into it and I'll make a list of what needs changing