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As has came up many times before, tags like this end up worthless because they don't actually tag anything concrete. Most posts tagged as this only have the tag because they have some form of paintbrush, beret, palette, or easel, which we already have tags for. If you really want to find painters, you'd be better off just searching for palette.

Profession tags are almost always little more than a needlessly specific costume and/or action. In this case, it's palettes, berets, and the act of drawing/painting. Think of what we did with witch, maid, and the random assortment tags that were various synonyms for spellcaster.

Talulah is right:
What are you searching for when you search artist_painter? If you're looking for someone who "looks like a painter and/or artist", is post #4224140 or post #3565746 really what you're looking for?

baconmeh2 said:

Why not replace it with "craftsman" and apply it to other art creators such as sculptors, carvers... Maybe composers in the process of their first drafts?

That just accentuates the problems with tags like this. It's would just become the vehicle of profession tags. A double whammy, if you will.