imply index_fingers_together -> fingers_together

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BUR #9224 has been rejected.

create implication index_fingers_together -> fingers_together

We have 18 pages of posts currently tagged index fingers together without fingers together. I think am implication would help.

e: I just realized that maybe fingers together is supposed to mean that all the fingers are together? In which case the wiki is a little ambiguous. Either way, we also have 44 pages of posts tagged both index fingers together and fingers together, so there should be a ruling one way or the other.

BUR #9459 has been rejected.

create alias fingers_together -> own_hands_together

nonamethanks said:

I don't see why we need fingers together when own hands together already exists. I think those two tags should just be aliased.

We have a number of specific finger tags like steepled fingers, index fingers together, interlocked fingers etc, I don't think we need a index fingers together -> fingers together -> own hands together kind of hierarchy.