garter_straps and garter_belt

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From garter belt wiki:

Note: Do not use garter straps with this tag. If only the straps are visible, use garter straps instead. If both the straps and the belt are visible, use garter belt.

Why does this clause exist? If both are visible, both should be tagged right? Belt doesn't seem like it can tag-overwhelm straps, and same with the other way around. This feels like saying "dont tag peanut butter on a pb&j". I am not saying to imply or alias them, I'm asking why they are mutually exclusive. Looking back through the forum I don't see a reason.

What if I want to see a garter belt without garter straps? I can't search garter_belt -garter_straps since that will still bring up posts with straps. Right now garter_straps is "garter_straps_but_only_if_you_cant_see_the_belt". Removing the exclusivity would make garter_straps really just mean garter_straps.