watermark implications

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BUR #9338 has been rejected.

create implication character_watermark -> watermark
create implication sample_watermark -> watermark

They both have watermark in their names and typing "watermark" again after typing "sample watermark" is simply an egregious amount of extra effort on my behalf.

There's also photo date watermark, but I can't add it to the BUR due its lack of a wiki page. Is that the best name for that tag? That's three whole words!

Also apparently I can't request third-party_watermark imply watermark because it's a meta tag.

Question - if a character watermark is a part of someone's signature, should it get the watermark tag?

If so, then I can't see any reason against that implication.

The sample watermark one sounds like the sort of implication that we should be very careful with, though I can't effectively look for any genuine counterexamples because of the large number of things added because the tag used to be (and is aliased from) just "sample", and has the Japanese サンプル linked to it - this pixiv tag bears no relation to our tag. A significant amount of the tag does not want the sample watermark tag and it may be a good idea to get rid of this before adding watermark to them as well.