[Fate] Saber Alter's Shinjuku outfit BUR

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BUR #9349 has been approved by @evazion.

remove alias saber_alter_costume_ver._shinjuku_1999 -> jet_black_king_of_knights_ver._shinjuku_1999
create alias jet_black_king_of_knights_ver._shinjuku_1999 -> char:saber_alter_(ver._shinjuku_1999)_(fate)
create implication saber_alter_(ver._shinjuku_1999)_(fate) -> artoria_pendragon_(fate)

Cleaning up Saber Alter's Shinjuku outfit tag to match with Jeanne d'Arc Alter (ver. Shinjuku 1999) (Fate).

I was thinking of adding other outfits that have some weird gardening criteria, but I've done those separately in topic #20742.