Sangonomiya kokomi's clothing

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Her wiki needs reworking on the clothing part, it says she wears a kimono, which I don't think she doesn't. Fortunately, just a few people thinks she wears one out of the total number of pics only containing her. But I'm not sure what her upper clothing is, that's where I'm open to more opinions.

Looking at some official arts: post #5147366 and post #4889080, I'd say she wears a thighhigh that is predominantly white, sometimes gradient with purple, white shorts, a frilled, detached blue collar with a brooch, half gloves, white gloves. Idk what her footwear is looking at the second image, but I know its neither geta, okobo or zouri, I'd guess it's just some generic sandal with platform heels.

Now for the part I'm clearly unsure: for her torso I think she wears some thin blue garment with frilled sleeves, always open, coat length and that is usually off-shoulder along with something I don't even know if it has a name, but it is under her blue bow and covers her breasts while showing her navel. At this point, any help is welcome.