Mighty No. 9 characters alias

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BUR #9383 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create alias mighty_no._0 -> ray_(mighty_no._9)
create alias mighty_no._1 -> pyrogen_(mighty_no._9)
create alias mighty_no._2 -> cryosphere
create alias mighty_no._3 -> dynatron_(mighty_no._9)
create alias mighty_no._4 -> seismic_(mighty_no._9)
create alias mighty_no._5 -> battalion_(mighty_no._9)
create alias mighty_no._6 -> aviator_(mighty_no._9)
create alias mighty_no._7 -> brandish_(mighty_no._9)
create alias mighty_no._8 -> countershade_(mighty_no._9)

Same characters. Unneeded duplicate tags.
Seeing that beck is already referred to by name, and the copyright is mighty_no._9, it would be consistent for the mighty_no.s to be aliased to the names.