Request to remove autotag tin_man form tin_man_(cosplay) tag

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Please make it so that when the tag tin_man_(cosplay) is added the tag tin_man is not automatically added (autotagged)

When character #1 is cosplaying character #2 that does not automatically make character #1 the same person as character #2.
This is especially the case when the image is obviously in a context where any such alternative dress is a costume like at a Halloween party or Comic convention as examples.

On the other hand it can of course be the case that a character is cosplaying as themselves (in some sort of extravasated fashion) to blend in or something like that, or it might be the case that there is a sort of crossover where the real character meets a character that is cosplaying as them so it is not that it should be impossible for a character and their related cosplay tag to be added just not automatic.

The example image and reason why i have submitted this request is the flowing: post #5228846
In this image cyborg_(dc) is cosplaying as tin_man but quite obviously is not tin_man themselves so only the tin_man_(cosplay) tag should be added.

That's unfortunately impossible, cosplay tags adding character tags is hardcoded into the site. I actually agree that it's weird to treat an outfit as if it's the character itself, but it's too late to fight that battle now.