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So, this tag was a complete mess, containing mostly leg garters, frilled legwears without anything holding the legwear, garter straps and garter belts, sometimes I could even find thighlets, thigh straps and other stuff.

So far, I've gardened most of leg garter and frilled legwear occurrences, removing garter straps and garter belt from this tag without asking beforehand was a step I didn't dare to take, because technically, garters also keep the thighhighs or any legwear from falling down just like these two, so I didn't want any kind of backfire. At this point, the garters search should return mostly real garters, garter straps and garter belts, I hope my judgement wasn't wrong, since what I did was following what was written on the wikis.

The garters wiki's history itself shows many failed attempts of defining what it should be over the years, googling also doesn't help, you get both garters and leg garter results, which could possibly explain its large misuse. What should be done? Imply garters to garter straps and garter belt (edit: the BUR can't even be made), or gardening until only real garters remain? Does the material used and its shape matter? Like: post #2493001, post #3676402, post #411400 should still be tagged as garters? What about post #4944414 (that's probably harness) and post #246653? We even have the shirt stay tag, so I'd like more opinions on that.


BUR #10065 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

mass update favgroup:14162 -> garter_belt -garters -garter_straps
mass update garters -favgroup:14154 -favgroup:14162 status:any -> garter_straps -garters -garter_belt

After finally gardening that tag, I'm trying this BUR as a second attempt to get answers, instead of doing things myself and risking getting undesired results.

The first favgroup should have only garter belts, if my understanding is correct and the favgroup #14154 have only garters and some borderline and complex cases that can de dealt with later.

The BUR should clean all posts under the first favgroup and clean the search in the second line, which should consist solely of garter straps by now.

This BUR is basically me asking if we should distinguish between garters, garter straps and garter belt as it was originally written in the wiki or let it stay as it is.


Where does sock garters fit into this?

I think it makes sense to deprecate garters after the BUR you proposed, and move the remaining posts to legwear garter, aliasing sock garters to it (and have several other utility aliases pointing to it), so that we can actually tag those things you use to hold various legwear up.
Note that post #4944414 for example is still a thighhigh/legwear garter technically, it just isn't used as one because the legwear is missing.

I think we should also get rid of leg garter. If I google that term, I see garter belts, not what we're currently tagging (thigh straps, frilled legbands etc). But one thing at a time I guess. legwear garter would make more sense to denote that it's something you use in combination with legwear, and it's not just random legbands.

It's true that leg garters as Wikipedia defines them can be present even without legwear, but it's impossible for us to tell them apart from normal leg bands if they don't specifically have legwear attachments, and most of our users are not going to be able to tell the difference. Note that thigh_strap has already 61k posts and I'd wager at least a few thousand of those are "classic" garters.

It's the same issue as arm garter (forum #211234): our arm/legband tags are an absolute mess because we use definitions that we either made up or misunderstood from other websites 15 years ago and never bothered to fix them, or they're specific terms that our users are not able to distinguish because they don't care about fashion or are ESL.


Legwear garter is the name I was also thinking, no matter what is written in the wiki, "garters" will keep being mistagged because you get a lot of different results when you google it and the name itself doesn't help, so unless someone come with a better name I agree with it.

Edit: I'm slightly inclined to agree with the leg garter simplification, if we move them to a tag like legband or frilled legband, I agree with that.
In the meanwhile, I've been thinking if "futuristic" accessories should have their own tag, like Angela Balzac's leg accessory: post #4619005, maybe something like leggear or leg gear, as we do with headgear.