alias loli, shota -> midget

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AngryZapdos said:

Could you add an older_shota -> manlet alias to the BUR? Been thinking of asking for that one for months now, just never had a good excuse to bring it up until now.

Would a giant male middle-aged shota midget count as manlet? He'd technically be taller than everyone else.

-1. Like mentioned before, giant loli/shota (lolita for short) will always have the chance to exist. sure, we can have giant manlet tag, but when will we draw the line? what if the giant manlet got shrinked, will we have shrinked giant manlet?

and also, i object the tag loli/shota in the first place. at that age, the children won't be able to choose their own gender first, which is why we can't slap the loli/shota tag. my proposal is that we should alias all of the loli and shota to shotx

nonamethanks said:

I'll change it to midget (small people) (fate)

That sounds like a good start, but users might complain that we're only accounting for 30% of the posts on the site so we should probably go with midget (small people) (fate) (touhou) (kantai collection). That should cover 99.9% of all posts on the site.

Although when I thought about it, I was like "you know, we could go further." It dawned on me that a tag is really nothing more than a qualifier for a post and I think we should consider changing tag names to best reflect that, so in this case we should go with (midget) (small people) (fate) (touhou) (kantai collection) as the tag name. evasion might have to do some minor changes in the code, but I think having accurate tag names is a sacrifice we're willing to make.