Dress shirt utility alias

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I once thought in trying a dress shirt -> button implication but then I noticed sometimes you can tell it's a dress shirt without seeing the buttons: post #5232404, so I think your suggestion is better, we still can tell it's a buttoned shirt.

Edit: Agreed with slime, I don't think the alias is a good idea anymore. We could still make buttoned shirt a tag itself and maybe imply dress shirt -> buttoned shirt, but I can imagine the same being asked for buttoned jackets and coats, when they don't have a zipper instead, so I'm not sure about it also.


Username_Hidden said:

Been thinking more about this. I think we could make a buttoned top catch-all tag. That way there are no restrictions on what kind of top it may be.

I wouldn't be against it, but we'd still have to populate it and make a clear wiki about it, better wait for more opinions.