[Fate] Li Shuwen cleanup

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The bulk update request #9606 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create implication li_shuwen_(young)_(fate) -> li_shuwen_(fate)
create implication li_shuwen_(old)_(fate) -> li_shuwen_(fate)

To be frank with you all, I'm getting sick of how messy the tags associated with Li Shuwen are, considering he's depicted with two distinct ages who both are summoned in the same classes - Assassin and Lancer. Instead of trying to keep their classes straight, it would be much better to just go by their ages and lump their classes in without distinguishing them. To that end, I'm sorting through li shuwen (fate/grand order) to nuke it, then use li shuwen (fate) as the umbrella tag for his age tags. Once that's done, sorting through their costumes will be easier.