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seems like no one ever defined these messy vocaloid copyright tags

What's the utility of crypton future media? Do we tag it to every post of the cryptonloids (kaito, meiko, miku, luka, len, rin) or only when it's an official art like where you see the copyright claim on the bottom?

What about piapro? It's basically just vocaloid + crypton future media since crypton moved their voicebanks from vocaloid to piapro. Tho I could see some use of it like nt miku.
If we decide to keep piapro, should it imply crypton future media?

should goodsmile racing imply goodsmile company?

Given the recently uploaded nee nee nee. arts being tagged official art, it reminded me of vocaloid songs' specific position. Do arts from original vocaloid music videos qualify for official art? I do believe there're people looking for the "official" arts from the original music video or related promotions but not sure how it should work.


...should goodsmile racing imply goodsmile company?

It's more useful not to so it'd be easier to distinguish Goodsmile Company posts that are completely unrelated to Goodsmile Racing.

Do arts from original vocaloid music videos qualify for official art?

Yes, the art used in the original music video should qualify for official art. This helps distinguish them from fanart and parodies which are both very common.

If we decide to keep piapro, should it imply crypton future media?

Not in the system I use.

Posts of Hatsune Miku (NT) are definitely tagged Piapro since that is a voicebank that uses the Piapro Studio engine and not the VOCALOID engine. But this doesn't retroactively change the fact that all her previous voicebanks/designs are on the VOCALOID engine, so my policy is any pictures with Miku are tagged Vocaloid while only those featuring her NT designs are tagged Piapro. None of the other characters have a NT voicebank yet.

My policy is that Crypton Future Media is used for any official art featuring the Piapro characters, especially if the Crypton logo is on the image.

Beyond that, things are a bit blurry. Sometimes I include the Piapro tag if it's an official art that also has the Piapro logo on it, or if the image is specifically focused on the Piapro family.

To sum:

TagDefinite ruleLoose rule
Crypton Future MediaOfficial art featuring the CryptonloidsOnly art for major Crypton events (Snow Miku, MagiMira, etc)*
PiaproPosts containing Hatsune Miku (NT)**
- Official art containing the Piapro logo
- Posts with emphasis on the Piapro family


*This is still messy because you often have official collabs with games, merch, etc. I'd be fine with remedying this to include all official art period, and removing the tag from any unofficial art (usually fanart with the CFM logo)

**First rule may be redundant with the CFM tag so I'm fine removing this one. Second rule may be far too subjective, but I feel something like that would be a helpful search term. Feedback is appreciated.

EDIT: Another problem I just realized, many Racing Miku designs actually features the Crypton logo on their costume. I believe logos are usually tagged with their respective copyright, which would mean fanart would qualify for the Crypton tag. I'm unsure how to reconcile this so for now, I'm gonna stick with my policy and await feedback.

EDITEDIT: Even trying to clean up the tags under these rules is a headache. Due to the community crowd-sourced nature of VOCALOID, "official art" is a very loose term when you have promotional images and galleries with illustrations recruited through art contests and the like.