missing Kemono Friends copyright implications

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evazion said:

Do we need to make Kemono Friends a series tag to distinguish between Kemono Friends 1 and Kemono Friends (series)?

For a Kemono Friends 1 tag, there would need to be posts that at least reference something specific to the first mobile game. I couldn't find something like that in Pixiv, as the first game's name is literally just "Kemono Friends", no subhead. Even searching "けものフレンズ1" I've got no results. Unless someone who knows the franchise better show posts that specifically references the first game.

For now I don't feel it's needed to make it a series tag to distinguish from KF1, it could remain as it already is. On the other hand, Kemono Friends is a popular franchise with games, anime and manga media, so I'm not against making a series tag either.

Didn't follow the series much after season 1 of the anime, but I did make a now mislabeled american_beaver_(kemono_friends_game) tag at the time of the first anime specifically for the original game's North American beaver design. The anime featured an updated design different from the original game, and all later works appear to have used the new design.