futa or yuri???

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There's a tag war going on on post #4475943. I've asked for advice multiple times on Discord and no one has particularly strong opinions on it except for Talulah, who is accusing me of tag vandalism on Discord and in forum #210515. I was advised to start a thread to settle it like adults and get input from those not on Discord.

My view is that there's no anatomically plausible explanation for what's happening there other than that there's a penis involved. The alternative, tribadism makes no sense to me unless their labia are literally glued together. Its tagged as tribadism on pixiv but I think that is irrelevant. That said, I can see how one would disagree.

@blindVigil as you're not on discord and you seem to strongly disagree, I would appreciate your input

It looks to me like the artist tried to draw tribadism in a really implausible position, realized too late that their parts weren't going to line up properly, and tried to compensate by making the bottom girl's vulva protrude too far forward. It doesn't look very good, but I don't think the artist intended to draw a penis.

luciferous said:

Honestly looks more like yuri to me. I'll agree the labia look pretty well smushed together, but they still resemble labia more than a penis entering a vagina, in my view.

This is basically my stance. You can't see anything resembling a penis, so I feel trying to tag it futa is just guessing rather than genuine twys.

The image is judged by what you see in it, in this case, there is no indication of a penis or any other characteristic that indicates that it is futanari, on the contrary, everything indicates that it is yuri, so it should be labeled as such. Still if there is any doubt, you can include the "implied futanari" tag as they don't seem to conflict.