Sakura Taisen Implications

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The bulk update request #10019 has been approved by @evazion.

create implication sakura_taisen_ii -> sakura_taisen
create implication sakura_taisen_iii -> sakura_taisen
create implication sakura_taisen_iv -> sakura_taisen
create implication sakura_taisen_v -> sakura_taisen
create implication sakura_taisen:_kanade-gumi -> sakura_taisen
create implication sakura_kakumei -> sakura_taisen

Implicating the remaining Sakura Taisen entries to the main tag

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  • I don't think so in this case. All of ST1's characters (save for maybe a few villains, none of which have any posts here anyway) are recurring or referenced throughout the rest of the series.

    II has a few exclusive side characters and III's tag is mainly to denote the characters that debuted in that game (they're also recurring into IV, which is why that one is so much smaller than the rest), while V, Shin, and Kakumei are reboot attempts with different casts and Kanade-gumi is an otome spinoff.

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