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nuke dark_elf

I just noticed, that the dark elf tag isn't for what a dark elf is supposed to be, but for a combination of elf + dark skin. The common understanding, as much as I know, isn't that dark elf is supposed to be a dark-skinned elf, but mostly a black or grey skinned one.
We already have the problem, that elf is very vague and I don't think we need two polluted tags, that I guess are also canon tagged a lot.

+1. I usually would say that deprecate it is a better option, so we could manually move the posts to the right tags, but this isn't an ambiguous tag (or shouldn't), so no information would be really lost with that and we probably can easily find the posts again with a simple combination search. Again, another case of priestess, goddess, god, miko, witch etc.

I agree with Nameless Contributor.
The wiki as it is promotes canon tagging(Tag largely used for elves with dark skin, or if that is the elf's title as a character!!!), and hasn't been rewritten since 2010.
I think it's salvageable with a bit of cleanup.

Nameless_Contributor said:

There are 238 posts in dark_elf ( black_skin or grey_skin or purple_skin or blue_skin ) compared with 635 in elf ( black_skin or grey_skin or purple_skin or blue_skin ).
Because searches like this aren't possible for member level users the tag could have some value if someone would garden it and rewrite the wiki / remove the links from character wikis of mostly tan elf characters.

Post count for dark_elf colored_skin: 272
Post count for elf colored_skin: 964

Sure, that's going to return some red and white-skinned elves, but purple and blue already return plenty that aren't dark-skinned. And the dark elf search, when removing the colors you listed, is mostly people mistagging tans as colored skin.

I've long been told that "regular users have a hard time otherwise" is not a valid reason for a composite tag. If the only defense to this tag is "regular users can't do a complex search to find their non-blue elf waifu", I don't it's a very strong defense.