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I don't see what's wrong with leaving it as dunking. Danbooru traditionally favors tagging actions with gerunds, and Wikipedia itself acknowledges that the move is also simply known as a dunk anyway.

A reverse alias for findability should be fine, though.

EDIT: For some reason we also have a dunk tag. What's worse, there are several posts with both tags. Apparently it never occurred to anyone that this was a bit redundant.

EDITx2: Why would you do this? You create a new tag that serves the same purpose as an old one, and then request that it be aliased to something else entirely? I don't get it.


Dipping should be split into a tag for the dance and a tag for dipping something in something else. Also:

evazion said
every BUR I approve ends up being some never-ending rabbit hole of other bullshit I have to fix
I approve this dog_collar rename, which leads to updating the wiki, which leads to rewriting the collar wiki to define what a collar is, which leads to defining all the other collar tags, which leads to this stupid fucking over_the_collar Idolmaster tag that annoys me so much that I have to fix all the Idolmaster tags too

Every time...