alias hair_brushing -> brushing_own_hair

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BUR #10225 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create alias hair_brushing -> brushing_hair
create implication brushing_own_hair -> brushing_hair
create implication brushing_another's_hair -> brushing_hair

This is further complicated by topic #21164, where we've had two generic tags for the same thing that are completely mixed. It makes sense to have an umbrella tag imo.
I'll help populate brushing own hair if that's the option we'll go with.

There's also the issue that combing was also used for brushing tails (I spot a few cases under combing tail, there's more hidden), when we already have tail brushing. I'll submit a removal of the alias in the other topic and try to fix those too once it passes.

I have a feeling that we're at double standards regarding umbrella vs specific tags for no clear reason (which I'm part of it as well, for some of my previous implication BURs that even got approved), but I believe that, at least for action tags that can be splitted into own* and another's*, we should follow what was done in forum #204299 and forum #209941 and either alias or deprecate them.


We don't have umbrella tags for those because it doesn't make sense to group different actions just because they share a verb: hugging your own legs and clinging to someone else's leg are different actions despite both being called "leg hug". In this case however brushing hair is still brushing hair no matter who's doing it.