remove nude thighghhighs → thighhighs alias.

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Wait, what are nude/naked thighhighs supposed to be for (as a tag), even? Nude I'd imagine would be beige/skin-coloured (shouldn't it then be legwear...?), or what? And naked would be... when a character ain't wearing anything but thighhighs?
One hell of a confusing tag, both of them.

Or is that just some random weird alias that got there for no reason?

We have other naked_* tags that are meant for a character nude except for some article of clothing—naked jacket for a character nude except for a jacket, for example. Most nude_* tags are aliased to their naked_* equivalents, except for nude_thighhighs which is aliased to thighhighs because naked_thighhighs was deemed unnecessary since it would just be a nude thighhighs search. This makes nude_thighhighs appear above nude in autocomplete since thighhighs is a huge tag (~810k posts vs 300k of nude).