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The bulk update request #10246 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

deprecate angle

A very small tag, consisting of a wide variety of posts: mostly multiple_views, some mistagged dutch_angles, and two posts about the mathematical concept. Therefore, an unneeded total mess.

I mean, we could keep it (after renaming to angle_(mathematics) or something) for just the two posts about actual angles being referenced, but outside of that, I'd say it doesn't really have a place.

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  • If the tag is ambiguous, a better choice would be deprecating it (via BUR preferably), there's no need to request a nuke anyway because it's only 22 posts, which could be done manually.

    Obs: In case you don't know, click at the link "bulk update request #10246" then press edit to change it to a deprecation instead.


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  • Deprecation requires the tag have a wiki and either be empty (to deprecate it manually) or go through a BUR. The error when a tag doesn't have a wiki is very bad because it doesn't actually tell you it needs one.

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  • KagayakuShiningGate said:

    Oookay, thanks everyone, I changed the BUR and I cleaned up all the mistags (that I could see, at least - there's post #2805 still, that I can't see because I don't have Gold). All left in the tag are one post featuring a protractor and two about mathematical angles, since they seem to be tagged with angle for different reasons.

    post #2805 is also related to mathematical angles BTW. All those fall under geometry IMO.

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