Deleted post's, in pools.

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I recently uploaded ten posts and turned them into a pool, however only half of the posts were approved by the mod's. I am concerned that anyone who view's the pool now will be misled by its title, as it combines post who's only origins are a shared game developer. The approved posts are all from the same game while the unapproved ones are mostly from other games made by the shared developer. I can see the posts in the pools just fine but I think that is just because I am the uploader, what I want to know is if others who enter the pool can still see the deleted posts?

And if not, if it will be a waste of time to try and appeal the deleted post so that others can see them, as to not be misled. The posts are all of the same quality and art style, as half of them had no problem getting approved within a few hour's of the first day of the three day approval period. And honestly I have seen stuff on this site that looked like it was done on Microsoft Paint get approved with no problem. I just want the viewers of the pool to see the whole collection without feeling like they have been lied too.

nonamethanks said:

Deleted posts are visible for everyone by default in series pools (the ones with a purple title) for this specific reason, so that should not be a problem.

So everyone can still see the current posts for the collection? That's a relief, I was worried I would be accused of being selective with the post, thanks for the speedy reply.