Should wing_ears imply head_wings?

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Veradux said:

There's also bird ears, so I think this is something that needs to be organized via gardening before any BURs are touched.

Wing ears seems to be both head wings and ears that are feathers. As such, in my professional birbfucker opinion, we should garden wing ears into bird ears and head wings, then implicate bird ears and wing ears to create a new tag, feathered ears. Or ear feathers. Or similar.

Okay, I can get to work on that. o/

For the most part, I've always tagged bird ears as ear-shaped or otherwise ear-ish. There's obviously some overlap where it ultimately is a call by the tagger, like for characters like Aciddrop in post #4615013, but those ones under wing ears that are literally just wings are probably best put under head wings.

For those three examples, I'd go wings, wings, ears. I'd say Jibril, who makes up about 2/3rds of the tag and is the origin of it (yay fanon tag), is almost entirely bird ears. Hence the proposed idea of aliasing later.