Dealing with the genre tags

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BUR #10262 has been rejected.

nuke science_fiction
nuke cowboy_western
nuke fantasy
deprecate science_fiction
deprecate cowboy_western
deprecate fantasy

Genre tags are inherently nebulous and subject to frequent mistagging. forum #212293, to me, is a signal that they invite more harm than good, even if we were to garden them. Cowboy western was a pain in the butt due to it originally being just western and still has issues with people tagging it based on series canon.

I know this isn't going to be a popular BUR and that I'm definitely missing more genre tags that I plain don't know about, but genre studies are nebulous in and of themselves involving debates that people make their entire doctoral dissertations about. I don't think we need to deal with that on danbooru.

All genre tags are relatively easy to find via other tags, such as cowboy hat and mecha.

...though fantasy is honestly the worst of the lot. There're car pics, Goku, random Genshin characters, topless women... Yeah when this BUR gets rejected I'll probably submit a fantasy-only one.


For at least cowboy_western, if you remove Kurokoma Saki and some specific random instances, the tag has a very defined look. If anything, I'd say it just needs redefining (the wiki is kinda vague whether or not it's supposed to include males). And while, sure, there are specific tags for specific elements, like, let's say, the hat, there are still posts that may lack at least one, like post #4875631 - the girl there has a very visible cowboy theming, but lacks the classic cowboy hat.

No thoughts on other tags.

If we do delete the fantasy tag I'd like there to be a fantasy_scenery tag to replace it, and for this to be made and populated before the fantasy tag gets nuked. At present the only real way to find things like post #5164471 and post #5269310 is with a fantasy scenery search, which this change would render impossible.

I do agree that the fantasy tag as a whole is probably unsavable, but there's value within it that would want to be salvaged before the tag can be scrapped.

Edit: perhaps a fantasy weapon tag as well for things like the various arts by sinlaire... actually that one might be worth making even if this doesn't go ahead.