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Lately I went through the Magireco tag (or rather, its Safe and currently active portion - I'm still planning on doing that for Questionable and Explicit sooner-or-later as well, though probably won't bother with deleted posts) to add the magical girl tag where it's missing. However, I sorta ran into an issue of tagging alts from the game. Namely, while the characters are technically transformed within them, they don't really look "magical girl"-y at all, for example Swimsuit alts and Haregi alts. See post #4322597, for example - within it, there are two girls who are transformed and wearing a kimono, and three who aren't. Would someone who doesn't know Magia Record be able to tell them apart? I doubt so. That's Madoka (pink) and Sayaka (blue), btw. Or post #4032582 - one MG, seven untransformed. The MG is Iroha - pink

I'm simply afraid I'm leaning too hard on canon tagging, in here, and that's why I'm kinda hesitant on this.

I made favgroup #14430 to compile all the alts from the game, to make re-tagging easier.

Additionally, I think I might need a tip - there are some dual units in the game (that is, alts that have two characters as one unit), and I don't know how to deal with them once I get around to making tags for all the alts, similar to Holy Mami - should I make two separate tags, like Alina Gray (Halloween ver.), Misono Karin (Halloween ver.), even though the alt is shared? Or a single tag, like Alina and Karin (Halloween ver.), disregarding that there are posts where the two are separated?

If it helps, here's a Puella Magi Wiki page that lists all the alts and characters.

KagayakuShiningGate said:

Additionally, I think I might need a tip - there are some dual units in the game (that is, alts that have two characters as one unit), and I don't know how to deal with them once I get around to making tags for all the alts, similar to Holy Mami - should I make two separate tags, like Alina Gray (Halloween ver.), Misono Karin (Halloween ver.), even though the alt is shared? Or a single tag, like Alina and Karin (Halloween ver.), disregarding that there are posts where the two are separated?

I think the standard in these situations is just to make two separate tags. Makes precise searches easier, so it's what I'd agree with in any case.

Okay, then question number two (three?) - should I go with tag names like character_name_(alt), or character_name_(alt_ver.)? Might sound trivial, but there are, for example, swimsuit alts, like Tamaki Iroha (Swimsuit ver.), where I'm afraid just tagging it as (swimsuit) could lead to a mass of mistagging - Iroha has like four official swimsuits (only one of them is an alt), and probably a ton of fanmade ones, so people who know the series less could assume it's just a tag for when she's in a swimsuit, not *this* specific swimsuit (similar applies to other characters, obviously).

BUR #10497 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

rename miki_sayaka_(swimsuit_ver.) -> miki_sayaka_(surfer_ver.)
rename togame_momoko_(sister) -> togame_momoko_(sister_ver.)
create alias rena-chan_(idol_ver.) -> minami_rena_(idol_ver.)
create alias rumor_of_the_nameless_artificial_intelligence -> ai-chan_(magia_record)
create alias mannenzakura_no_uwasa -> eternal_sakura
create alias hiiragi_sakurako -> eternal_sakura
create alias mannenzakura_no_uwasa_(swimsuit_ver.) -> eternal_sakura_(swimsuit_ver.)
create alias holy_alina_(magia_record) -> holy_alina
rename yume_ulala -> yume_urara
rename natsu_ryoko -> natsu_ryouko

1st rename because I accidentally messed up the name, 2nd to standardize.
Aliases mostly because there are no official translations for names anymore.
The last few are because of different romanizations.

I will probably also do a BUR for alts and academy uniform implications some day, but that day ain't today yet.

I was eventually going to expand those tags, but if the aliases ain't needed, then I guess that just means less pressure on me. Though, I'm thinking more about uploaders, since there've been cases already of a character with multiple names having two chartags, like Ai-chan/Uwasa of the Anonymous Artificial Intelligence or Eternal Sakura/Mannenzakura no Uwasa, maybe.

BUR #10799 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create alias ryuugasaki_academy_uniform -> ryuugasaki_academy_school_uniform
create alias shirome_school_uniform -> shiraha_private_academy_school_uniform
create alias eliza_celjska -> elisa_celjska
rename yuki_maria -> yuki_maria_(madoka_magica)

The first one I missed, the second is fixing an old mis-romanization, and the third is merging two tags for the same character, qualifying Yuki Maria since apparently there is another.

BUR #11151 has been approved by @nonamethanks.


create alias futaba_sana_(uwasa) -> uwasa_no_sana
create alias yui_tsuruno_(uwasa) -> uwasa_no_tsuruno
create alias tomoe_mami_(holy) -> holy_mami
create alias alina_gray_(holy) -> holy_alina
create implication akino_kaede_(swimsuit_costume) -> akino_kaede
create implication akino_kaede_(swimsuit_ver.) -> akino_kaede
create implication akino_kaede_(winter_costume) -> akino_kaede
create implication eternal_sakura_(swimsuit_ver.) -> eternal_sakura
create implication futaba_sana_(haregi_costume) -> futaba_sana
create implication futaba_sana_(pajamas_costume) -> futaba_sana
create implication futaba_sana_(swimsuit_costume) -> futaba_sana
create implication futaba_sana_(winter_costume) -> futaba_sana
create implication uwasa_no_sana -> futaba_sana
create implication izumi_kanagi_(vampire_ver.) -> izumi_kanagi
create implication izumi_kanagi_(yamiochi_ver.) -> izumi_kanagi
create implication izumi_kanagi_(swimsuit_costume) -> izumi_kanagi
create implication minami_rena_(idol_ver.) -> minami_rena
create implication minami_rena_(swimsuit_costume) -> minami_rena
create implication minami_rena_(swimsuit_ver.) -> minami_rena
create implication minami_rena_(winter_costume) -> minami_rena
create implication mitsuki_felicia_(halloween_costume) -> mitsuki_felicia
create implication mitsuki_felicia_(pajamas_costume) -> mitsuki_felicia
create implication mitsuki_felicia_(swimsuit_costume) -> mitsuki_felicia
create implication mitsuki_felicia_(winter_costume) -> mitsuki_felicia
create implication nanami_yachiyo_(hajimari_ver.) -> nanami_yachiyo
create implication nanami_yachiyo_(haregi_costume) -> nanami_yachiyo
create implication nanami_yachiyo_(pajamas_costume) -> nanami_yachiyo
create implication nanami_yachiyo_(swimsuit_costume) -> nanami_yachiyo
create implication nanami_yachiyo_(tanabata_ver.) -> nanami_yachiyo
create implication nanami_yachiyo_(winter_costume) -> nanami_yachiyo
create implication tamaki_ui_(miko_ver.) -> tamaki_ui
create implication tamaki_ui_(swimsuit_costume) -> tamaki_ui
create implication togame_momoko_(mermaid_ver.) -> togame_momoko
create implication togame_momoko_(sister_ver.) -> togame_momoko
create implication togame_momoko_(swimsuit_costume) -> togame_momoko
create implication togame_momoko_(winter_costume) -> togame_momoko
create implication yakumo_mitama_(haregi_ver.) -> yakumo_mitama
create implication yakumo_mitama_(mermaid_ver.) -> yakumo_mitama
create implication yakumo_mitama_(swimsuit_costume) -> yakumo_mitama
create implication yakumo_mitama_(yamiochi_ver.) -> yakumo_mitama
create implication uwasa_no_tsuruno -> yui_tsuruno
create implication yui_tsuruno_(christmas_costume) -> yui_tsuruno
create implication yui_tsuruno_(delivery_ver.) -> yui_tsuruno
create implication yui_tsuruno_(pajamas_costume) -> yui_tsuruno
create implication yui_tsuruno_(swimsuit_costume) -> yui_tsuruno
create implication yui_tsuruno_(winter_costume) -> yui_tsuruno

Aliases since the official names of the units don't start with their family/given names, and the first batch of implications.

BUR #11653 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create implication tamaki_iroha_(christmas_costume) -> tamaki_iroha
create implication tamaki_iroha_(miko_ver.) -> tamaki_iroha
create implication tamaki_iroha_(pajamas_costume) -> tamaki_iroha
create implication tamaki_iroha_(swimsuit_costume) -> tamaki_iroha
create implication tamaki_iroha_(swimsuit_ver.) -> tamaki_iroha
create implication tamaki_iroha_(winter_costume) -> tamaki_iroha

Somehow missed these, even though they were supposed to be in the previous batch.

BUR #12196 has been approved by @evazion.

create implication kuroe_(swimsuit_ver.)_(madoka_magica) -> kuroe_(madoka_magica)
create implication infinite_iroha -> tamaki_iroha
create alias tamaki_iroha_(infinite) -> infinite_iroha
create implication holy_alina -> alina_gray
create implication alina_gray_(hospitalized_costume) -> alina_gray
create implication alina_gray_(halloween_ver.) -> alina_gray
create implication alina_gray_(swimsuit_costume) -> alina_gray

Newer variants, plus a full-name alias.
EDIT: Added some more missing ones.


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