hanging aliases

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Subtle nuances, but:

  • Dangling can be a transitive verb meaning "to make hang (from one's hand)" or intransitive, "to hang precariously".
  • Hanging can also be transitive, but it would mean "to make hang (on something, e.g. a hook, rack, or rope)" usually "hanging up" in that case though, or intransitive "to hang (from something)".
  • "Hanging on" implies someone is hanging from their own hands/arms and holding themselves up (not supported by say a hook or rack or something) or on to something.

Transitive dangling posts like post #2888961, post #5358674, post #2016335 could maybe be moved to dangling_another or something like that to be less ambiguous.

Hanging on could be kept distinct for posts like post #3619771, post #3454627, or post #4922958.