Do we need the areolae tag?

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BUR #10346 has been approved by @evazion.

deprecate areolae

Is there a genuine use for areolae as a standalone tag? We already have tags for when the areolae is more noticeable or the only visible part of the nipple (large_areolae, areola_slip, dark_areolae and so on). Additionally, 99.99% of nipples posts have visible areolae, so I don't know what actual utility the tag brings.

Looking through the areolae -nipples -large_areolae -areola_slip I'm mostly seeing posts with untagged large_areola, areola_slip and even nipples. Adding nipples to that search just includes a bunch of posts with unremarkable, run-of-the-mill areolae. This tag offers nothing beyond a dumping ground that consists of regular nipples and posts that should have more specific areolae tags instead.


G-SANtos said:

What about images like post #5359335 and post #5338277? Would we tag them as as areola_slip? I'm not sure if that tag fits situations where the areolae is not slipping out of clothing.

For the first example, I'd say yes, there already some posts like that on areola_slip covering_breasts, not sure for the second example, this isn't what you get under areola_slip head_out_of_frame, but I also can't see anyone willing to create a new *_out_of_frame to cover these specific cases either. I still think that areolae was a bad tag and deprecating it was the right thing to be done.