New: colored_shoe_soles and colored_shoe_interior

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I think you should have made a forum post before nuking the tag, also you forgot 15 posts because they are deleted. When tag scripting/gardening you can add status:any to your search to include deleted posts.

I think the colored_shoe_soles tag could be useful if it is properly populated (for now it consists mostly of high heels with red soles which I assume were previously tagged christian_louboutin), I'm not sure about colored_shoe_interior since it is extremely common for shoes to have differently colored lining/insoles but I'm not against it if people find it useful.

blindVigil said:

Did you check with anybody before doing all this work and nuking an entire tag?

Over 99% of the tag was added by user #781002. Sorry dude. Also don't want to be giving the brand free advertising as a catch-all term for red-bottomed footwear.

Nameless_Contributor said:

I'm not sure about colored_shoe_interior[...].

Alright I'm excluding beige and neutral colors. It should look more useful now.

Maybe don't manually nuke a 300 post tag before asking someone? As well as replacing it with two tags no one asked for. Neither of those tags seem very useful.

Most tags started out being 99% the work of a single person, someone has to populate them, like you just did with the two new ones.

I don't have much of an opinion about the tags you created but yeah, odds the reply above is what you get when nuking a tag all by yourself.

As someone who did something similar on my first days (though I asked in discord before doing it), manually nuking tags like this should be reserved for typo tags, garbage tags from other sites and other completely useless/meaningless tags, specially when they're very small and pet tags, enforcing your own reasoning like this is not desirable most of the time, could have made a nuke BUR at least.

I apologize. I will avoid doing something like this again in the future.

I might've started tagging the soles one a long time ago if I found out about it. Admittingly it wasn't particularly on my mind in the past (and "people aren't searching for it") but I believe it to be a distinctive enough feature to begin tagging.

nanashi3 said:
Usada Pekora's default outfit has blue soles. Maybe some of us can think of others.

in the past I have come across this
post #5337099 (red shoe with black sole)
post #5336200 (brown shoe with white sole)
post #5334159 (brown shoe with black sole)
post #4140400 (black shoe with white sole)
post #4209613 (black shoe with yellow sole)

in these cases I sometimes use multicolored_footwear/two-tone_footwear although I believe this is not 100% accurate.
specific colored_shoe_soles I think it is more precise and much more useful than multicolored_footwear.
on that side it has my full support, although I think that specific colored shoe interior is much more situational, useful, probably, although less useful colored_shoe_soles

tremolo_measure said:


Hmm, I assumed we wanted to avoid another set of color_* tags. While it doesn't sound as bad as color_earrings that we got rid of last year, I'm not committed to this idea. You might notice the arbitrary-looking description I initially wrote in the wiki:

Outsoles that do not match the body and are colored, white on non-sneakers, or black on white footwear.

White soles is default on sneakers, and black is rather "eh". I saw this tag as a middle ground between not having a tag at all and full color support. Basically the meaning of the tag is "footwear with sole color that doesn't look default-like" to narrow down a general tag, and only two out of your five examples apply.

I've manually repopulated Christian Louboutin (brand). Also updated the wiki.

Also don't want to be giving the brand free advertising as a catch-all term for red-bottomed footwear.

I went stricter on the criteria - the red does not cover the entire heel, only the inside of it.
Also LOL at "giving them free advertising" - that's not what they're getting.

I simply noticed that many artists were going out of their way to draw heels in that particular style, so I tagged it.