Wiki distinction to disqualify images that emphasize something other than the male in question from male_focus

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Under the current wiki, images that emphasize something other than a male and feature very small males relative to the rest of the image but still contain only males are still tagged male_focus. This is most prominent in the search scenery male_focus, where there are posts such as post #5277861 and post #5376733 that are composed so that the males in question are small only part of a composition focusing on something else.

This goes against what I would assume to be the primary purposes of the male_focus tag, which would be to either find or hide images focusing on males. Since these images in question only qualify for male_focus because they only have males and do not females but do not come remotely close to focusing on or emphasizing males, the male_focus wiki should be edited to specify that an image only qualifies for the tag if males are insignificant in an image that focuses on something else.

This can be achieved with a clause stating something such as "Do not use this tag if the males in question are an insignificant part of an image that focuses on something else, such as scenery," followed by gardening of the related searches.

I created this thread to see if there are any objections or caveats to this change and to get suggestions for potentially better wording for the wiki addition.