Various kinds of ties

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BUR #10536 has been rejected.

create implication shrimp_tie -> bondage
create implication box_tie -> bondage
create implication fur-trimmed_hair_tie -> hair_tie
create implication fur-trimmed_hair_tie -> fur_(clothing)
rename fur-trimmed_hair_tie -> fur_hair_tie
create alias string_tie -> neck_ribbon
create alias plaid_tie -> plaid_necktie
remove alias plaid_tie -> plaid_necktie
create alias red_tie -> red_necktie

First three are bondage positions, the next is a type of hair tie that isn't even actually fur-trimmed, the rest are alt names. Not unaliasing red_tie from red_necktie 'cuz it seems to be a relatively common mistake.

There was also crab_tie, but can't imply it because there ain't enough posts (and I don't care for bondage enough to upload more for the sake of uploading).

Fur-trimmed_hair_tie looks more like a scrunchie than a standard hair_tie, so -1 to that implication. I'm not fully convinced that these are even distinctive enough from regular scrunchies to require their own tag.

Also, try browsing through the posts tagged string_tie. This tag has a history of being used for things like bolo ties (post #997143) and swimsuits (post #5330186) and actual strings (post #3557476), not just neck ribbons. It should be nuked and deprecated, not aliased.

Scrunchies, other than just being larger than regular hair ties, are also wrinkly. These are all smooth. And if anything, I think these are more likely than not to be simply undertagged. It's a semi-common element in winter anime winter fashion, I swear I've seen a winter Hatsune Miku design featuring these.

Though about string_tie, yeah, you're right. Updating the BUR now.