The new rating tags

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Okay, I need to talk about the new tags. You see, everyone, when I was browsing Danbooru with the tags Tooku0 and rating:safe, I noticed that some of Tooku0's pics that were uploaded here by us users that listed with the tag rating:general.
- Example: post #5363002

I mean, while the new tags are okay, why is rating:safe and rating:general kept separate? I don't understand why this was necessary, and I don't even understand the logic of making two rating tags that should have been the same tag.

Rating:safe does not exist anymore, it has been replaced with rating:sensitive and rating:general. The posts that were under the rating formerly known as safe can now be found under is:sfw or rating:s,g.
The new general rating is meant to be for 100% safe for work things. It must be separate, among other reasons, because of troubles with payment processing (just imagine trying to explain to a bank that "a child in micro bikini is totally safe for work bro, trust me").

See topic #21277 for the main topic about this.