A danbooru web app

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Hi, everyone

I've been writing an web app for myself to go through new
posts from where I last left off, under both linux and android.

Default view(NSFW): https://moeview.pages.dev/?source=1
A safer tag: https://moeview.pages.dev/tag/rating%3As?source=1

# Features

- Cross platform. Good on both desktop and mobile.
- Multiple boorues(konachan/yande.re/gelbooru/danbooru)
- **Infinite scroll**
- **One click download to different folders**! (**Chrome** Only)
- **Bookmarks**: continue where you left off.
- Remember seen images.
- Sync bookmarks and seen history across devices.

# Known issues and future plans

1. Only support viewing, no favorites, etc.
1. Default empty tag is NSFW, should add default tag/blacklist etc.

Edit: decided to rename because of original is too...bad..


AkaringoP said:

If you're using Danburu API, I think you have to make a function to log in.
Unless you have the ability to find every post you want with only two tags.

Yes! I've considered that! Though I'm still thinking about how to implement it
securely for different boorues(danbooru is super API friendly, but I want a more
general design, hence the delay).

BUT I have this feature as a walk around.
Quick switch to gelbooru for complex tag searches(in total 2 click)

Video demo: https://twitter.com/coffee_murderer/status/1537299413869416449